custom concrete dining table

You will have such a table JUST FOR YOU, because I produce it for YOU based on individual plans.

Slender, brutally strong, mirror-shiny, and feels like silk.

Thanks to the water technology diamond grain polishing, the concrete will have an incredibly fine touch and a beautiful, shiny, exclusive surface.
The tabletop is only 30mm thick, but believe me, it won't break even if your most cheerful guest dances on it to the effect of the cocojumbo.

Beautifully detailed, engineered, design and implementation.

With copper, steel or silver inlay, you can achieve a visual effect that is very difficult to reproduce in pictures. As you walk around it, the light reflects differently on the metal inlays every moment. Amazing.

Custom sizes, custom colors, custom design, it's up to your imagination what your coolest concrete table will look like.

Technical parameters

  • Ultra high strength concrete
  • Double carbon fiber mesh + glass fiber reinforcement
  • It is frost-resistant, so it is also perfect for outdoor use
  • It can also be produced with copper, brass, steel, silver inlay
  • Its surface is as shiny as a mirror


The indicated price is informative. It refers to an 8-person table (approx. 200 x 100 cm), with the complex red copper decoration shown in the pictures, with powder-coated steel legs.

If your needs differ significantly from this, I will prepare a unique price offer for you.

Lead time

The complete table will be ready within 2-3 weeks from the birth of the final design.


After the dream final design, a 50% advance payment is required to start production, and the remaining 50% must be paid before delivery.


We'll take it to your living room. Nationwide, free of charge, it's included in the price.