Concrete meeting table, in unique size, shape, own image color, 40 different colors, with Terrazzo design or with copper inlays in Art Deco style, ultra cool, unique appearance, an absolute winner if the meeting table is a matter of prestige for you. Your partners jaws will drop!

Company logo

  • We can display your company logo and/or slogan in several ways. Copper, brass, stainless steel as inlay, sandblasted or negative print.

We have millions of combinations in our portfolio to make YOUR unique high-strength concrete meeting table look like!

Technical information

  • We work exclusively with ultra-high-strength, self-developed fine concrete reinforced with glass mesh.
  • We impregnate the surfaces in such a way that household chemicals, food and drinks do not leave stains on them.
  • They are made with a minimum thickness of 4 cm.
  • 1 square meter table top weighs 96 kg with a thickness of 4 cm.
  • We can sand and polish the table tops to a high gloss, but it is not necessary, so we can even create a matte surface.

How is the order made?

  1. Brainstorming, discussing which of the fundamentally different interface designs is closest to the dream negotiation table.
    If available, we look at photos or visual plans of the future space and environment where the unique conference table will be placed.

  2. We prepare a 30x20cm sample surface after we have managed to select the color or colors of the concrete, and in the case of terrazzo, the components, i.e. the details.
    This sample surface can also be the final design, but you can easily modify it as many times as you like.

  3. The accepted sample surface has been created, the blueprint is then approved. In order for production to begin, we will need all dimensions to the nearest millimeter.

  4. We have the design, we have the dimensions. To start production, we ask for a 50% down payment. Payment by bank transfer (if necessary, we also send a fee requester) or in cash.

  5. The ultra-high-strength designer concrete dream meeting table will be ready within 3-4 weeks from the receipt of the advance payment!

Prices, pricing

We make our unique concrete meeting tables with a company logo for roughly HUF 300,000 + VAT per square meter. There is a significant deviation from this if the complexity of the pattern or design realistically justifies it.


We undertake the installation nationwide, the fee for which is calculated based on an individual offer, which depends on the location within the country and the accessibility of the destination. (no floor, freight elevator, etc.)

References, interfaces so you can imagine the possibilities