Design concrete, fine concrete, exposed concrete?

There is a good chance that many people have already seen how to concrete a sidewalk, curb, or foundation. You need gravel, cement and water, and a concrete mixer doesn't hurt either. Well, design concrete and its other synonyms such as fine concrete, exposed concrete, visual concrete are as different from "pavement concrete" in the traditional sense as, for example, the cooking of a novice housewife is from fine dining. Both are food, edible, but one needs more attention.

Instead of aggregate, we work with a stone frame with at least 2 fractions, i.e. we use a very fine sand component and a narrowly graded gravel fraction, and sometimes 2 becomes 3, so that the grain distribution is more continuous. Getting hardcore? It's no wonder, because it's a science (not self-congratulatory, we've made a hell of a lot of mistakes, but at least we've experienced it).

There is also cement, of which we never use the 32.5N version available on the market, but at least the 42.5N ultimate tensile strength cement, but mostly the cement we use is 52.5N. There is gray and white cement, which is very lucky because we can only produce really beautiful light colors!

Let them stay because the best is just coming.

Although concrete is still concrete, it is not yet really suitable for the production of beautiful surfaces. In order to obtain a nice, smooth, pore-free surface, we use a fluidizing additive, so we get a consistency that "spreads" to a certain extent and takes up the details of the template and mold.