Creation of a production plan

The first step in the production process

As for the high-quality creation of all unique things, the production plan is also essential for unique concrete furniture, concrete elements and their supporting structures. This is the design level on the basis of which it is possible to manufacture concrete elements that are dimensionally accurate and perfectly fit to each other and to the supporting structure, so we can safely say that this is the first and most important part of the production process. In our case, the first step is an accurate survey of the location, here the previous plan versions must be compared with the reality and the differences recorded. Many times we can't even trust the construction plans, since there may be modifications in the dimensions and structures that have been approved (and are awaiting approval.. :) ) during construction.
After surveying the site, based on the actual dimensions and condition, we prepare the production plan in such detail that the structures and components required for the production of concrete elements and concrete furniture can be produced practically down to the millimeter. We prepare the formwork plan for the concrete elements, we plan the dimensioned lifting points necessary for tearing out and subsequent movement, the fixing points for the connection to the support structure, and we work out all the details that are necessary for the manufactured concrete furniture and concrete element to "work" perfectly.
The production plan is the result of teamwork, where the team members are persons, disciplines, and specialists who are interested in the creation of the ominous concrete furniture / element.
Therefore, in every case we consult and approve our ideas with the designer, principal, customer about the implementation and the details.