CONCRAZY is a relatively new brand that wants to contribute to
the creation of iconic interiors with its bold and colorful concrete tiles.
Since its foundation in 2019, it has gained a great deal of professional experience in over 100 architectural and interior design projects. Mostly for bars, restaurants and offices, they produce custom counters, cladding and tables, but on several occasions they have had to produce 200-300 m2 of custom facade cladding. The company is made up of a small young team with a single founder-owner. As a result, communication with the customer is very direct and flexible, and decisions and product developments are pretty fast.

With a unique concrete recipe developed at the Technical University of Budapest and the help of metal oxide pigments, millions of beautiful finishes and styles can be achieved, allowing the concrete elements to fit into any interior. And with the material’s timelessness and character, it is sure to contribute to making a space truly iconic. Until now, the majority of the reference portfolio has been made up of custom countertops, but in 2023, a strategic decision has been taken to focus on the development and production of wall coverings. Due to its unique business model, the CONCRAZY brand not only designs and manufactures designer concrete wall panels, but also creates collectible design furniture using its full technological repertoire and creative design capabilities.

CONCRAZY operates in a 650m2 multifunctional hall in Budapest, where design and production are carried out, and also a showroom is located.
Pushing their boundaries, they have acquired a great deal of knowledge in the fields of materials and manufacturing technology over the years, resulting in a highly efficient and diverse design and manufacturing facility that maximizes creative production. We can produce moulds and prototypes in-house, using an industrial CNC milling machine with a working area of 2x3m as the technological base. In addition to thoughtful mechanisation, the plant also hosts craft and sculpting activities required for prototyping, fibre-reinforced resin formwork manufacturing, as well as diamond wet-grinding technology for various finishing jobs.

The ambition, freedom and boldness of the CONCRAZY brand has been recognised at national level on several occasions. In 2022, the company won the “EDIDA Brand of the year” award, also known as the Oscars of the design profession, organised by ELLE Decoration. In 2023, as a manufacturer, it also won the Hungarian Design Award with a collection of concrete furniture developed in collaboration with SARAKELE Studio and Anna Cserba, which was noticed by Rossana Orlandi herself and now it is a permanent exhibit in her gallery in Milan. In recent years, CONCRAZY is a regular guest at domestic interior design exhibitions such as 360 Budapest and S/ALON Budapest, and some of CONCRAZY product also have been in Maison et Objet Paris, or Salone del Mobile Milan.