Ultra High Strength Concrete i.e. UHPC, reinforced with glass fibre and glass mesh. It can be coloured in endless combinations and thanks to its unique in-house formulation, it replicates the smallest details of the mould extremely well. The concrete material we produce is frost-resistant, even without surface treatment, so it can last for hundreds of years. Due to its high strength, it can be polished to a glossy finish and can have a silky feel.

We talk about concrete all the time, but this brutally versatile material is “just” one of the components of what we use. Bumbling around in our workshop, we can come across a lot of fantastic materials, like glassrods from Murano, bunch of natural beauty stones, coppers, brass and steel! We work with these every day and mixing in them into the furniture that will make the spaces iconic!
Unfortunately, it is heavy (2.4kg/litre), making it difficult to move large items, and it is brittle, so it cracks easily when bent. Although the material is so compact that water cannot penetrate its structure, most dirt can, leaving a stain on the surface. For outdoor concrete elements, there are times when the design is particularly well suited to staining, also known as “maturing” the concrete. In most cases, however, we try to avoid this and treat the surfaces with a high-tech, multi-step, puliurethane-based impregnating product.