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Can't find the right concrete countertop among our existing designs? No problem, we design it together and produce it in 2-3 weeks!

We have a million combinations up our sleeve for YOUR custom high strength concrete countertop, kitchen countertop.

Terrazzo, copper inlaid, homogeneous surface, or an endless combination of these to choose from.

Technical information

  • We only manufacture ultra high strength glass mesh reinforced fine concrete countertops.
  • We impregnate the surfaces in such a way that household chemicals, food and drinks do not stain them.
  • Countertops and kitchen worktops are made at least 4 cm thick, but no thicker.
  • At 4cm thick, a 60cm deep worktop weighs 58kg per linear metre,
  • 1 square metre of kitchen worktop weighs 96kg.
  • We can polish the worktops to a high gloss, but we don't have to, so we can even make a matt finish.
  • There must be at least 6cm between each cut-out and the edge of the worktop.

How do I order?

  1. Brainstorming, discussing which of the fundamentally different surface designs is closest to your dream worktop. If there are any, we look at photos or sketches of the kitchen and the environment where the worktop will be placed.

  2. We will prepare a 30x20cm sample surface, once we have chosen the colour or colours of the concrete, and in the case of terrazzo, the components, i.e. the details.This sample surface can be the final design, but feel free to modify it as many times as you like.

  3. The accepted model surface has been created, now the design has to be approved. To start production, we need all dimensions to the millimetre. This is usually provided by the furniture maker/joiner who made the kitchen furniture, but keen owners can also help.

  4. We have the design, we have the dimensions. To start production we ask for a 50% deposit. Payment by bank transfer (if required we will send a fee request) or cash.

  5. The ultra-high strength design concrete dream countertop can be picked up at our location within 2-3 weeks after receipt of the deposit!

Prices, pricing

We offer our worktops in 60cm depth for 135 000 HUF + VAT / linear metre, with the exception of the copper design, in case you need significantly more copper decoration than the average.

Panels / boards with a depth of more than 60cm, which are usually the countertops of kitchen islands, are priced at 225 000 Ft + VAT per square metre, proportionately adjusted to the price per linear metre.

In addition to the above countertop prices, the following machining costs are to be taken into account:

  • Large breakthrough (stove, sink) 22 500 Ft + VAT
  • Small breakthrough (tap, socket) 12 500 Ft + VAT
  • One of the longest edges of each board is machined (polished), so it is already included in the basic price, and any additional edge machining is done at a price of 7500 Ft + VAT per linear metre

Installation: 95 000 Ft per working day + VAT

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