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OMNIS coffee table | No. 0027

OMNIS coffee table | No. 0027

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The Latin word omnis means “everyone, everything”. The coffeetable with serial number No.0027 got this name after the production, because in addition to the uniqueness of the design world, there are a lot of colorful and different materials that make this piece of furniture unique. Alpine green marble rubble is the basis of this table made of ultra-high-performance (uhpc) concrete mix. In addition, it is made up of Murano glass rods and rubble, glass balls, different pieces of marble, provençal slate, and even pieces that glowing in the dark, which is just icing on the cake. Its organic shape creates an unearthly feeling, we can even see a living being or a meteorite in it. The top of the table is polished to a shine, while the rest has a rough, washed surface that shows the components of the material as a whole. The contrast between the two surface types provides a truly special visual experience. Like every CONCRAZY furniture, this table has a copper logo and stamped manufacturer’s serial number.

Gábor Bakos

1000 x 500 x 375 mm

Our own recipe of ultra-high-strength fine concrete

Thanks to the two-component impregnation, the covering is resistant to environmental impacts and staining from use.

If necessary, dirt can be removed with clean or mild soapy water and detergent and then wiped dry with a dry cloth. We recommend avoiding the use of cleaning agents with a strong acid or alkaline chemical effect.

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